Katie Hale Blog 3: Final Badminton Preparations

Blog 3: Final Badminton Preparations

Posted by Katie Hale on 26 April 2019

So there is less than a week to go before Badminton and preparations are in full swing. The exciting news was that the envelope with the various passes and the all important party invitation arrived yesterday. Libby has had both her saddles saddles checked and adjusted which was good timing as both needed meaningful changes as they were now a little wide for her as she is slim and hopefully raring to go. We had our final practice run at Munstead NSEA 100 last Saturday. On the whole we had a very positive outing with an excellent dressage to get 23.5. We had a small misunderstanding showjumping but that was quickly corrected to complete the round nicely slightly frustratingly adding 9 faults. She then did one of her best XC rounds going clear inside the time. We came second so I was very pleased. We have since practiced our showjumping at felbridge just to check that we are on the same page and she popped round a 95-1m course and she was fantastic and jumped really well. So feeling prepared.

I'm giving Libby plenty of hacking and schooling but making sure that we don't overdo it and we keep her muscles 100% comfortable so we are using the PEMF rug on a daily basis. Libby is now out at night alongside her friend Toddy and is very happy and relaxed. I have a flat work lesson later today with Tania Grantham to practice some of the test movements and will probably give Libby a little final jump in the school next Monday.

We have a late draw at Badminton and so we will not be doing our dressage until Wednesday morning but will drive down Tuesday lunchtime so that I can give Libby a hack and little school and get her settled in. I'm planning to join in one of the course walks with a professional rider in the afternoon. We will try to keep all our competition day routines the same although we will certainly target feed Libby with greengold on Wednesday at regular intervals to make sure she has plenty of energy. Luckily Libby is really easy and goes in the same little snaffle in all three phases so we won't have many tack changes and she can relax in her stable between phases. We are hoping that the good weather holds and that the ground remains good and I am looking forward to a really exciting competition.

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