A quick ulcer check

13 January 2020

Ulcers continue to be an issue for many horses.
Ad lib access to suitable forage is important, including in the paddock. If the grass is insufficient, hay will need to be put out.
If you soak hay, not for more than one hour directly before feeding, or it builds up acid.
Stress is an important contributor to ulcers. Horses need company, close physical contact, space and plenty to eat. Confinement, isolation and restricted forage all cause stress.
Lucerne buffers acid better than grass. If your horse cannot tolerate lucerne, Sainfoin Pellets or Sainfoin Brix are excellent alternatives.
Target Feeding, which is feeding directly before work, is important. A good scoop/0.5 kg or more of well-dampened Build & Shine is a good start. Feed directly after work, too.

Ulcers are a major issue and your vet will help diagnose and treat, but is on-going management and feeding that will keep them at bay.

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