Is garlic good for my horse?

13 August 2020
Garlic Granules

Garlic seems to work for some horses and not others in keeping flies away Ė itís the sulphurous smell thatís supposed to be effective. But as with all things, you can have too much of a good thing and too much garlic (or onions, which are closely related) can cause a problem called Heinz Body Anaemia, which can result in damage to the red blood corpuscles and lead to the horse becoming anaemic. Ensure you give your horse a month's break from garlic once or twice a year.

Garlic is a useful herb with antibacterial properties. Itís also a good source of organic sulphur, and as well as thinning the blood and improving the circulation, it also thins mucous so that coughing is more productive and, therefore, recovery from respiratory infections is quicker. Before antibiotics, garlic poultices were used on open wounds and it was the discovery of the high level of sulphur in garlic that led to the development of the sulphonamide drugs.

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