EnduroComplete - Summer Special

01 July 2011
EnduroComplete Offer


Product of the Month July:

Most of us love to mix up our horses’ feeds – some of this, some soaked that, add a little whatever! But there are lots of times when we just want to get the feeding done and dusted! For a complete, no hassle feed, EnduroComplete ticks all the boxes. It comes as small pellets which can be fed dry, dampened or soaked (it only takes a few minutes) and includes Total Eclipse so it really is complete! It is ideal for:

·         A straightforward feed for Pony Club camp;

·         A complete feed if you are away at shows, competitions or even on holiday with your horse;

·         When you are away and someone else is feeding the horse for you -  nothing could be easier.


EnduroComplete is made from lucerne, unmolassed beet pulp, Total Eclipse and has a little mint to make it tasty and salt to help electrolyte balance in warm weather or when competing and working harder. It is ideal for horses on medium to high levels of feeding and for an average 500kg horse you would feed a minimum of 2.5kg per day and in very hard work, you could go up to 7.5 kg per day. It is non-heating, gives plenty of stamina and is also suitable for horses that could tie up or have sensitive metabolisms. Like all our feeds, it is safe to feed close to work and is gentle on ulcers.

If your horse is not doing enough work to need the suggested feeding levels, try TopNosh.

If you like to add a chop, try some of our Green Gold which adds plenty of bulk, provides a good chew and is also excellent nutrition.
So now you know why we think EnduroComplete is a great feed for the summer holidays!

For more information contact our feed line on 01728 604 008, Mon –Fri, 9-5, excluding bank holidays/Christmas week.

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