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19 September 2011
Purabeet Offer

If you add a chop to your feed to give extra bulk, you could save a lot of money by changing to soaked PuraBeet!  We looked up a well known brands of high fibre chop with a Stubbs scoop of 300g. Where others cost £11 for 20kg, it means that a scoop of this feed costs 16.5p.  A scoop of soaked PuraBeet costs a lot less – only 11p.  So the chopped feed costs 50% more than soaked PuraBeet.  Which one would you choose?



Cost per 20kg

Cost per Stubbs scoop as fed


Beet pulp



Chopped feed

Straw, alfalfa, molasses, preservatives

£11 (varies according to supplier)






 How much do you spend on balancers?  Did you know that Total Eclipse costs half the amount of most other balancers?  It does not have any bulkers or fillers so you do not need to use very much and a 15kg sack will last an average horse 4 whole months.  All functional ingredients saves you money!

Simple System Ltd not only saves you money but we are planet friendly, too.  Many feeds have a long list of ingredients, which have to be shipped in from all corners of the globe.  Some, such as soya, are grown in hot climates, replacing the natural rain forest vegetation and some will have had many journeys as they go through different process in different places.  We source our feeds as far as possible in the UK and a typical journey is from the farm to our store and then on to you!

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