Joint Eclipse & Organic Cider Vinegar: Products of the Month for January

03 January 2012
Joint Eclipse

With the colder weather now, many horses are spending most of their time indoors. Whilst this may be in their best interests, older horses may be in a Catch 22 situation: they need to keep moving to keep their joints supple, but can no longer cope with cold and wet conditions as they once did. They need housing, but then stiffen up.

So, this month we are going to recommend two products, both of which may help to keep a stiff horse more comfortable. Both have been shown to be effective and can be used separately or together, depending on what you feel is best for your horse:

Joint Eclipse

A more recent addition to our range and has been very well received. It is a balanced blend of Instant Linseed and wild rosehips. We had been keeping an eye on recent research into the benefits of rosehips for people with painful joints, then it seemed it could do just the same for horses! We already knew how good our Instant Linseed was, and Joint Eclipse was the result! You only need 20g for each 100kg of horse, so a typical riding horse or Thoroughbred will need only 100g per day and a 5 kg pack will last over 7 weeks, the 10kg pack, over 3 months. If your horse has increased needs, you may want to use double this amount for a couple of weeks.

Organic Cider Vinegar

A product well tested by time and has been found helpful for humans and animals alike. We suggest 1 tablespoon a day for a small pony, 2 for a large native type/small horse and 3 tablespoons for a large horse. The taste seems to be very well accepted and it can be mixed into the normal feed. It comes in a 5 litre pot which will last a large horse nearly 4 months.

Winter won’t last for ever, but until the warmer weather comes, at least we can help to keep our oldies comfortable!

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