Lucie Cobs - Horse Feed of the Month March 2012

06 March 2012

Lucie®Cobs are our choice for this month! Spring is on the way and the grass is coming through so you may be thinking of a feed that is slightly lower in calories but still a proper forage feed. Look no further!

Lucie®Cobs are made from chopped, sun dried lucerne compressed into brickettes. We recommend that you soak them before you feed them. This has several advantages:
• Increased volume, so increased eating time
• Hydrated so helps prepare your horse for grazing after a winter on hay
• Natural Vitamins D and E and carotene for Vitamin A
• Naturally low sugar and no additives so suitable for horses that tie up, EMS, laminitis etc
• Suitable for horses with ulcers, prone to colic or on box rest.

Lucie®Cobs can be used instead of your usual chop, as partial hay replacer or if your horse is a good doer or in only light work, he may need nothing more than one of the Simple System Ltd complementary feeds or balancers, such as Total Eclipse.

Put your Lucie®Cobs to soak in twice their volume of water in the morning and they are ready for the evening feed and vice versa. Simple!

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