SimplyComplete - Product of the Month April 2012

04 April 2012

With the shows coming up and horses in full work now, sometimes a really quick and easy feed is just what is wanted! Now known as SimplyComplete (formerly EnduroComplete) this feed could not be simpler. It can be fed dry, damp or soaked, is non-heating but delivers plenty of stamina and is naturally very low in soluble carbohydrates with no added sugary or starchy ingredients, so it also suitable for horses with any type of metabolic issue.

With a feeding level of a minimum of 0.5% of body weight, (2.5kg per day for a 500kg horse) this is not a feed for podgy paddock ornaments! But it certainly fits the bill when horses or ponies are working harder and is perfect for trips away such as events, multi day rides or shows and Pony Club camp for instance. As work increases, feed more – there is no upper limit on this versatile feed but you probably won’t want or need to feed more than 10 kg a day to a 500kg horse, however hard he is working! It is also a life-saver if you are away on business or holiday and the horse sitter needs something hassle-free.

You do not need to add anything to this feed. It is high in easily fermented fibre and has effective levels of linseed, yeast, seaweed, salt and mint. It has good levels of protein to support the hardest working muscles. You would not use it, however, for in foal mares in their last 3 months. If you feel your horse prefers a feed with a chop, then suitable chops to use with SimplyComplete are Green Gold or JustGrass, for instance.

Home or away, this has to be our easiest, simplest feed! Made with entirely functional ingredients and no fillers or bulkers, it is excellent value for money for you and very tasty for your horse. If only all convenience foods were this healthy!

Feeding guide:

e.g. N.F.
e.g. Arab
e.g. TB
e.g. WB
Medium work1.5 kg2.0 kg2.5 kg3.0 kg
Hard work3.75 kg5.0 kg6.25 kg7.5 kg
Very intense workUp to 6 kgUp to 8 kgUp to 10 kgUp to 12 kg

Balance of diet to be made up of hay/lage/grazing. Ensure free access to clean water. This feed does not need to be withheld prior to work and can be fed directly after work.

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