Red Bag Grass Pellets - Horse Feed of the Month

11 July 2012

In between the downpours, the competition season is in full swing and our horses are working just that little bit harder now. When we need extra energy at certain times, but not too much exuberance at others, “target feeding” with Red Bag Grass Pellets fits the bill well. With more energy than oats, but fuelling stamina rather than making them too hot headed, they are just the job to use on those days the horse is doing a bit more work. Their energy kicks in quite quickly, within a couple of hours, so keep topping up when you are out competing and your horse will not fade on you! Like all our feeds, there is no need to withhold feed before exercise, nor after work, even if the horse is hot. 1kg to 1.5 kg of Red Bag Grass Pellets will fuel a good hour of intense work for an active, fit horse, but for ponies, who react differently from horses, you may find Blue Bag Grass Pellets have plenty of go! Hard or fast work uses water as well as feed, so mix your Red Bag Grass Pellets with plenty of well soaked PuraBeet (it soaks up in a couple of hours in warm weather) or mix it with Green Gold and add plenty of water to make it damp and succulent. When working your horse, ensure free access to clean water; at home, provide a plain salt lick such as our Pure Organic Salt Bucket and at competitions, try offering a choice of plain water and salted water (1 tablespoon of ordinary kitchen salt per gallon). Your Simple System Ltd fed horse will then get all the necessary electrolytes without any expensive supplements! There is more about the feeds mentioned under their respective headings. If you want to discuss the nutrition of your horse, please give our feed line a call on 01728 604 008 or click here to fill our Ask a Question form. Surely it has to stop raining sometime??

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