Instant Linseed - Product of the Month September 2012

04 September 2012
Linseed Bag 2012

Winter coats are coming through in earnest now and horses are looking a bit fluffy! This is Blackberry time, when according to legend, no horse looks well. The temperature is dropping and it makes a big demand on their system to make all that new coat. If you horse tends to drop off in winter, do not wait for it to start looking too lean, but get extra feed in now the coat change is your cue to up the grub.

Whether your horse is a good or poor doer, he needs his essential omega 3 and no more so than now. Even if you are already on Total Eclipse, the addition of some Instant Linseed will help the new coat to come through looking good, shiny and smooth. A 5 kg pack will last a 500 kg horse about 7 weeks and will be just the job to help see him into winter looking good. And of course you do not need to stop at 7 weeks! If your horse is a bit arthritic or stiff, it will help to keep him moving all through winter until he can enjoy more turn-out again in the spring. There is nothing better to help keep hunters looking smart and well. Instant Linseed is a Super Food for horses! It is a wonderful feed alongside forages such as lucerne or anything based on grass, as part from its wonderful oils, it is a good source of phosphorous for bones, copper for the skin and blood, and a special sort of soluble fibre which sooths the gut and can even take sand out in those horses grazing closely on light soils or prone to sand colic due to ingesting sand or soil. It is suitable for all horses, will help those with any sort of metabolic issue and when fed in larger amounts, will fuel hard work and build condition. There is nothing quite like it! We love it and it has been a Simple System Ltd mainstay product since our inception in 1996. The linseed for our Instant Linseed is grown in England for us by farmers we know and trust, to the highest standards using the minimum of chemicals. If you want to know more about feeding this amazing seed, please call our Feed Line 01728 604 008 or drop us a line to

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