Forage Analysis

Forage Analysis

Like having your own technical department to analyse Hay or Haylage.

  • A sensibly priced, in depth nutrient analysis, including sugars, within 48hrs.
  • In depth mineral analysis in 14 days.
  • Bespoke interpretation by trained advisers.

At Simple System our approach to Equine Management has always been as holistic as is possible, as the more we work in sympathy with the nature of the horse the fewer the problems we experience.

In feeding horses the conventional wisdom is to ignore the value of preserved forage and grazing and make sure it is all "balanced in the bag".

Hay and grazing are the biggest part of the horse’s diet and the part which can vary considerably in feed value, and thus they do need to be evaluated.

We feel this is the reason more and more horse owners are keen to learn about the grass grazed by their horses and the forage they feed to them.

To this end we have put together 3 analysis packages each for fresh grass, hay and haylage to inform you of the feed value and possible deficiencies in your grazing and forage.

As part of the service we will advise individually on your results.

Providing in-depth forage mineral analysis in 14 days.

Size Price
 Kit £60.00

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Providing in depth nutrient analysis, including sugars, within 48 hours.

Size Price
 0.125kg £39.25

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