Expert feeding advice

Expert feeding advice

Our Feed Line nutrition experts are all horse owners, with a practical understanding of the challenges facing the modern owner and the crucial role feeding can play. Read more about the members of our Feed Line team below. Our knowledge base and feeding system is always evolving, working with equine vets, attending technical conferences and applying the latest industry research.

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Passionate about all things forage feeding, our friendly advisors are happy to help, from product questions to complete personalised feed plans. Speak to our Feed Line for free feeding advice today.

Latest Feeding Articles

Why does my horse need a low starch diet?

Carbohydrates such as starch are often used to provide glycogen, or energy, for the muscles. However, the horse evolved to source its energy from forages that are naturally very low in starch. High starch diets can upset the sensitive digestive tract.

My horse has liver damage. How should I feed them?

The liver is the power house of the body carrying out a lot of essential roles in metabolism, detoxification and energy production. Reducing the amount of work a damaged liver has to do gives your horse the best chance of survival and recovery.

Understanding: Ragwort

The dreaded ragwort is flowering now and is easy to spot. It is also starting to go to seed, so any not promptly removed will spread through its wind-borne seeds.

Meet our Feed Line team

Abi Clark

Specialist Advisor

Abi Clark has been part of the Simple System team for over 20 years. Abi is incredibly knowledgeable and provides straightforward, easy to follow feeding advice. An experienced horse owner and competitive endurance rider herself, Abi was the British National Intermediate Champion on her Arab Iggy in 2003 (fuelled by Simple System!). Abi’s specialist topic is older horses and horses with skin issues.

Jane van Lennep

Director of Nutrition

Our Feed Line team is led by our Director of Nutrition, Jane van Lennep. A pioneer of forage feeding, Simple System is based on a system of feeding Jane has been developing since 1973. Jane has lectured at various universities, colleges and veterinary practices in the UK. The author of books on foaling and solving equine problems, Jane is a fountain of knowledge. During her equine career, Jane has participated in a wide range of national and international competitive activities including endurance, showing and flat racing. Jane has bred over 100 horses to date and continues to manage her small stud at home (all fed on Simple System, of course!).

Ellen Lincoln

Feed Line Advisor

Ellen came from a surprisingly non-horsey background but as the friend of a farmer’s daughter, soon found her way to the local Pony Club centre and has never looked back. After studying A-Levels at college, Ellen completed a Bachelor’s degree in Equitation and Coaching (graduating as “Student of the Year” for her results in nutrition) and is now undertaking a Master’s degree in Equine Science. Ellen has a wide range of experience within the equine industry having worked in dressage, eventing and racing yards. She also spent a number of years at Newmarket Equine Hospital looking after more clinical cases before joining us at Simple System. Ellen has three horses of her own, plus a small share in a National Hunt racehorse. 2024 will be the first competitive season with her new rescue horse - watch this space!