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Ms Mary Harding

Molly has been fed on MalleMash since November. The feed is suiting her really well, she is the fittest she’s ever been and she absolutely loves her MalleMash! She also adores the Lucie Mints sprinkled on top of her feed, or in her treatball, as an occasional treat.


Breed: Cob

Age: 13

Sex: Mare

Height (hh): 14.2

Weight (kg):


Condition: Overweight (BCS 4-5)

Feeds used

A combination of herbal peppermint & our best English lucerne to make a healthy, appetising training aid.


A comprehensive high fibre mash, rich in omega 3 and natural vitamins and minerals. Provides dietary support for equines affected by Mallenders, Sallenders, CPL and dry itchy skin.