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Mrs Danielle Reekie

Chester has had an undiagnosed gut condition since 2010. The symptoms he displays is diarrhoea. If he does not have access to lush green grass all year round, his diarrhoea gets worse. The vets have commented that it is as if it is the reverse of ‘seasonal diarrhoea’.

Sometime ago, I introduced Simple System into Chesters diet, mainly sainfoin, to help maintain his weight as he is 29. This is a great feed, which Chester loves, so I was a little reluctant to change him onto Meadow Forage Pellets as he can be quite a faddy eater.

If he gets distracted or stressed at feed times, he will just leave his feed. It was very clear from the beginning of the feed trial, that Chester loved the Meadow Forage Pellets, and he happily swapped over from the Sainfoin Pellets

During this time, we have noticed that his diarrhoea has also improved hugely, providing he eats his feeds. It’s lovely to see Chester has gained a little bit of weight and looks healthier. Hopefully he will be able to continue to gain and maintain weight heading towards winter.

Thank you so much Simple System for making feeds that are species appropriate. We use Simple System Horse Feeds here at Pensilva Track Livery and we wouldn’t dream of changing.


Breed: 7/8TB

Age: 29

Sex: Gelding

Height (hh): 15

Weight (kg): 450

Feeds used

A nutritious blend of easily digested forages, grown together, to increase variety in the diet.