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Lucie Mints


A combination of herbal peppermint & our best English lucerne to make a healthy, appetising training aid.

  • Free from molasses, fillers & binders
  • Herbal benefits of peppermint
  • Extremely palatable feed

Suitable For

  • Encouraging fussy eaters
  • All equines
  • Clicker training
  • Rewarding your horse
  • Also ideal for feed balls


Feeding Instructions

Use as required. We recommend monitoring your horse�s condition and feeding accordingly.

Blends & Balancer Measure holds = 0.5kg (dry weight) approximately


Lucerne, Peppermint


All products are natural and seasonal variations can occur, the packaging of each product will detail the typical analysis which is relevant to the batch/cut within the bag. Below are this product’s specification ranges to give an indication of the seasonal variations that can occur for this product.

Specification Ranges

Crude Fat (Oil) % 2-3 %
Crude Ash % 8-10 %
Crude Protein % 14-16.5 %
Crude Fibre % 24-28 %
Sugar % <5 %
Starch % <5 %

Vitamins & Minerals

We do not add vitamins as the forages themselves have them naturally occurring, often in their precursor form, so the packaging of each forage product details average vitamin & mineral figures produced by the British Association of Green Crop Driers to give an indication of the levels found within Lucerne or Grass. However, Simple System undertakes mineral analysis every two years or when/if the source of the product is changed. Below are the most up to date figures specific to this product.

Major Minerals

Minor Minerals

Molly has been fed on MalleMash since November. The feed is suiting her really well, she is the fittest she’s ever been and she absolutely loves her MalleMash! She also adores the Lucie Mints sprinkled on top of her feed, or in her treatball, as an occasional treat.

Ms Mary Harding

Perfect Partners to Lucie Mints

Please select one of the categories below for appropriate companions to Lucie Mints

Perfect Partners to Lucie Mints

Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.


Premium 6mm organic lucerne pellets, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


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