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Vegan Horse Feeds

23 February 2017

Did you know Simple System's entire range of feeds are all registered with The Vegan Society?

The horse is an obligate herbivore which means in human terms, it is Vegan. Sadly, not all the ingredients in many ranges of feed are all from plant sources but we have respect for the horse as an obligate herbivore and feel it is inappropriate to include animal remains of any sort in horse feeds.

The Vegan Society is very thorough in its processes to ensure that we adhere to their strict guidelines and we are inspected regularly to ensure compliance.

Vegan takes things further than Vegetarian; for instance, vitamin D3 added to many feeds is sourced from irradiated carcass fat from sheep. The Vegetarian version is from the oil in sheep fleeces. The sheep did not die to give up its fleece, so such an additive would qualify as Vegetarian, but is not Vegan as it came from an animal. 

So far as we know, we are only the horse feed company whose entire range is approved by the Vegan Society, and we are very proud to display their logo on our feed bags and in our literature.

If your'e looking for Vegan horse feed, or you'd like dietary advice for your horse, contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or complete our online form.

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