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This month on the Feed Line...

27 September 2021

This month has seen little let up in the demand for feeds suitable for horses with metabolic issues and prone to laminitis. The very dry weather and all that glorious sunshine made for higher sugar levels in the grass which always adds to the challenge of keeping these horses and ponies healthy and sound. We have an excellent range of suitable feeds so do give the Feed Line a call or drop us an email of you need some suggestions in this regard. With autumn on the way and the horses changing their coats, the old saying that “no horse looks well at blackberry time” may well be true. Growing a good winter coat is demanding and a bit of extra nutrition will not go a miss. A Simple System forage balancer that includes linseed is a good idea and if your horse is not on one currently, this is a good time to get started. Traditionally foals are weaned this time of year. If you can leave your foal with its dam until it is at least 7.5 months old, you will be doing it an enormous favour. It is not until this time that the gut microbes are fully up and running and with them, the ability to make the most of forage. Your mares may need some extra feeding, but it has to be worth it for foals that have less set back at weaning and are more confident. They are also less likely to get ulcers and develop stereotypies when weaned later. The Feed Line is always happy to come up with ideas for your feeding regime so do get in touch by phone, email or use our online enquiry form.

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