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Forage blocks for horses

Simple System Brix - Forage blocks for horses

30 January 2024

Forage Brix are an easy and convenient way to increase your horse's fibre intake and with the recent stormy weather some customers have been choosing to put Simple System Brix out in place of hay. Each individual forage block weighs 1kg, so there's little chance of them blowing around the field!
Unsure of how to feed Brix? Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions or watch our short video
Q. How do you feed Brix?
A. Brix are designed to be fed whole and dry to mimic they way your horse would naturally graze. Simply place Brix at ground level, either on the floor or in a feed bucket, in the field or stable - stand back and watch your horse enjoy!
Q. What are the ingredients?
A. Simple System Brix are 100% straight forage with nothing at all added. Our Lucie Brix are 100% lucerne, MeadowBrix are 100% Timothy grass and Sainfoin Brix are 100% sainfoin. It's that simple!
Q. Are Brix treats or can they be used every day?
A. Both! Some customers use Brix as an occasional treat, others use them as the daily portion of chop. They're also regularly used for enrichment purposes, often when horses need to be stabled more than usual, or when away at competitions. They make brilliant boredom busters.
Q. Can I feed Brix instead of hay?
A. Yes. Brix can be used as a full or partial hay replacer. We typically suggest MeadowBrix to replace hay, as nutritionally they are the most similar. To find our which is best for your horse contact our Feed Line team on 01728 604 008 or complete our feeding advice form.
Q. Are Brix suitable for older horses?
A. We don't recommend Brix for older horses as they require good teeth for chewing. You may wish to consider soaked pellets as an alternative to Brix for your older horses. HayCare is ideal for replacing hay and Sainfoin Pellets are excellent for adding variety to the diet. 
Q. Where can I buy Brix?
A. Brix are available for delivery to your home or from your local retailer's store. They are available as individual Brix (£3) and in 20 Brix economy bags (£21 - £26). Shop online here or search for your closest stockist here.

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