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Balancers for Horses

Choosing a horse feed balancer

16 February 2024

Choosing a balancer can be a bit daunting as we have so many options! There are basically two types, those with a forage base which are pelleted and those which are presented as a meal or powder. The former are palatable, easy to feed and may indeed, need no further short feed The latter can be more economical, but they need to be mixed with a feed and they may take some horses a little longer to become accustomed to the taste.

Pelleted balancers, such as Simple Balance +, are fed according to the horse’s ideal weight and the calculation is very easy! Whatever the horse’s ideal weight is in kg, feed this number in grams of balancer, so for a 500kg horse, you offer 500g of balancer. For a good doer, add water to make a tasty mash and you are away! For horses requiring more nutrition, add feeds as appropriate. The Simple System Feed Line are available to make suggestions to suit your horse's individual needs. Choose your pelleted balancer from our Plus range.

Meal or powder balancers, like Total Eclipse, are also fed according to the horse’s ideal bodyweight but the calculation differs according to the product, varying from 20 – 40g per 100kg of the horse’s ideal weight. 

Simple System supported rider, Georgie Wood (pictured) chooses FlexiBalance for her showjumpers. 

You can view our balancers in our brochure, click here to order yours for free. You can also view our blends and balancers for horses here. For those looking for suggestions and advice, contact our Feed Line who will be happy to help. The Feed Line nutrition team can be reached on 01728 604 008 or by completing our advice request form

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