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Feeding Advice for Horses

Nutritional Advice for Horses

21 February 2024

Have you ever talked yourself out of asking for feeding advice? Picking up the phone to ask for advice can be daunting, especially if your horse is not in optimal condition. Rest assured that no matter what your horse's issue is, it's highly likely that we've helped other customers overcome something similar, or we've dealt with such an issue with our own horses.

Although we are happy to advise by email or online, our Feed Line's preference is to speak with customers wherever possible. Having a conversation helps paint an overall picture of your horse, allowing the team to give the best possible advice. After all each horse is an individual, so we need to get to know them. 

What happens when you phone the Feed Line? When you phone the Feed Line we want to hear as much about your horse as possible. This helps us to prescribe the best feeding protocol for the issue you are trying to address. We'll ask questions about your horse's age, weight and their daily routine - which includes both feeding and management. We also want to know about any changes that could have occurred in the horse's environment.

Once we've got to know you and your horse, we will then suggest an appropriate Feed Plan. This typically consists of a pelleted forage as the base feed, a chop to encourage chewing and provide bulk and a forage balancer to provide a top-up of essential nutrients. There are some exceptions to this, for elderly or dentally-challenged horses we choose to omit the chop in favour of soaked pellets, we have some 'one bag' feeds such as MalleMash and SimplyComplete, and some good doers may only require a forage balancer alongside their hay and grazing.

We will only suggest feeds to suit your horse's specific needs and there's no pressure to buy any of our feeds over the phone. We like to follow up our conversation with an email, which will include details of your local stockist and the links to the suggested feeds, allowing you to research further before making a decision, if you'd like to.  For free, friendly advice you can reach the Feed Line on 01728 604 008 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. For those who find email more convenient, you can email in to info@simplesystem.co.uk or complete our online form

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