Horse Feed for Out of sorts


The products shown on these pages are suggested as broad guidelines and include a range of feeds which may be suitable for your horse. Each horse is different and we do welcome enquiries via our helpline 01728 604008 or email so that we can make specific suggestions tailored to your horse and individual circumstances.

Out of sorts

Hard competition, moving home, losing a companion and recovery from surgery or illness can all make a horse out of sorts. A course of Eclipse Recovery may be just what’s needed in addition to your horse’s usual Simple System Ltd diet.

If your horse is unwell, you should consult your vet.

A tonic feed based on wild flower meadow forages & horseradish to support the immune system.

Eclipse Recovery - Horse Feed Balancer for Horses on Box Rest/Recovering from Injury
  • Aids recovery
  • Rich in natural minerals
  • High metabolites of microbial fermentation

Size Price
 5kg £32.75
 10kg £57.50

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