Grass Products


The products shown on these pages are suggested as broad guidelines and include a range of feeds which may be suitable for your horse. Each horse is different and we do welcome enquiries via our helpline 01728 604008 or email so that we can make specific suggestions tailored to your horse and individual circumstances.

Grass products

Premium grass chop with cold pressed linseed oil.

Perform & Shine
  • High in digestible energy
  • Encourages chewing & saliva production
  • Palatable & dust free

Size Price
 15kg £17.50

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A high fibre Timothy Grass chop. Harvested at a mature stage for naturally low sugars.

  • Superior high fibre
  • Low protein & low sugar
  • Free from straw & additives

Size Price
 12.5kg £14.50

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Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.

Blue Bag Grass Pellets - Summer Grass for Horses
  • High quality fibre
  • Lower protein
  • Specifically grown for Simple System

Size Price
 20kg £14.95

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Premium high fibre quick-soaking Timothy grass for horses and ponies unable to eat hay.

  • Superior high fibre
  • Quick-soaking 12mm pellets
  • Very palatable
  • Naturally low in sugar & starch

Size Price
 20kg £17.25

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Mature Timothy Grass compressed into 1kg blocks, feed whole & dry to mimic grazing.

MeadowBrix - Compressed Grass Brick for Horses
  • Convenient
  • Encourages chewing
  • Partial or full hay replacer

Size Price
 20kg £19.95

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