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The Simple System Ltd Gallery contains pictures and stories from our customers, detailing success with the feeds and their horses. Our ever expanding gallery is proving to be very useful not only as a way of allowing our customers to share what successes they have been having but also to show the wide variety of breeds/types/issues the Simple System Ltd feeds can address.

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In the 11 years I've loaned/owned bee he's always been a Chunky boy but it's never really affected him but October last year it all caught up with us.

My 20year old, 14.2 hh New forest X was crippled could barely walk all because of
Laminitis. He was on box rest for 2 weeks and responded really well to the Bute and then could go out for an hour a day but unfortunately the yard I was stabled at, the horses were stabled over the winter and the time had come when all the horses came in for the winter.

May 2016, the horses were allowed back out and bee was in heaven, 8 months in his box and he was finally allowed out. I was so so so careful with him but 2 weeks later the laminitis hit again. My friend at the yard mention simple systems food and how well her pony w... Read more

Denis the Menace

The vet came today and was very pleased with how his shape has changed, he has almost totally lost the fat pads on his rump. He thinks it's great fun to suck up a sloshy Haycare "drink" through his grazing muzzle. He loves the Haycare so much he looks for more after his breakfast, and runs to his stable, and with it soaking so quick it's great for emergencies! Also he hasn't had a locking stifle since going on to total eclipse 5 years ago. Hope this is useful, all three of us on my OAP yard use simple systems, and I have recommended your products to a number of friends with veterans or dental problems. Also great for me that we have it delivered straight to the yard, no awful mess and cramming bags in the car. Thanks Read more

Bollie (TB) & Nevaeh (Connie cross)

My horses are so happy I found the right feed for them! They can finally relax :)

Bollie my TB stopped dropping weight and the pony stabilised on a healthy weight! My TB also healed from his occult sarcoids with help of the recovery supplement to give his immune system a boost!

Thank you simple systems!
Rachel, Bollie & Nevaeh Read more

Downhill Jack

Jack is a Clydesdale. We bought Jack when he was 14 months old (July 2014 - first photo). From the start we were determined to give him as natural a diet as possible, and steer clear of heavily processed feeds, cereals, molasses etc. We found out about Simple Systems and sent an email asking for advice on the best options for our young - but very rapidly growing - Clydie. He's been happily munching his way though (ever growing quantities of!) organic lucie pellets, greengold and total eclipse, with a splash of ACV, ever since. We also do herb self-selection with him. We think he's looking pretty good on it! (pic 2, 3, 4) At a recent show the judge commented on what fabulous condition he's in. Jack will start work next year (learning to pull a dray for the local brewery, as well as b... Read more


2 years ago Duke suffered with colic everyday for 3 weeks which ended in surgery. Unfortunately the surgery resulting in no findings and we were none the wiser to what had caused it all!!! Long story short but since then Duke hasn't been the same horse and has been diagnosed with cushings. After 2 years of dilemmas and a really low demeanour horse to the point where some days he couldn't be exercised, I changed to your feed a few months ago and the difference in him is HUGE!!! His back to his old self and we are now back out competing in dressage!! I'm hopeful I will get the 'old' Duke back thanks to your feed!!! Read more

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