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Natural Grazing Mix

Ryegrass free blend of high fibre grass species. A balance of hardy, creeping & drought resistant grasses, for complete sowing & paddock repair. Also suitable for hay cropping.

A ryegrass free high fibre grass mix. Included is a combination of hardy, creeping and drought resistant species best suited to keeping your sward intact and for paddock repair. This mix is also suitable for hay cropping. Additionally, we have added legumes for mineral rich content and soil improvement. Establishment and Management Sowing can take place in spring or autumn. Spring has the advantage of providing more time for the slower growing species to establish but may increase the risk of failure if there is a drought. Autumn sowing should be done by early September at the latest. If it is very dry, or very wet, it can be best to wait until spring. The seed should be kept shallow, ideally sown no more than a few mm. A fine seedbed is required and this is best achieved by harrowing. The seed can then be broadcast or shallow drilled. Ideally, check that the soil pH is above 6 for best results. If seeding into an existing sward to modify the sward or thicken worn patches the timing is less critical. It may be beneficial to harrow before seeding and then rolling. Our Natural Grazing Mix will seed 1 acre of bare land, or 3-5 acres if you are reseeding patches. Contents in order of inclusion: Meadow fescue Tall fescue Cocksfoot Creeping red fescue Smaller catstail Smooth stalked meadow grass Common bentgrass Sheep's fescue Timothy Sainfoin Birdsfoot trefoil


I’m proud to say that Simple System have been part of our team for over 20 years, in our quest to provide our horses with the most natural life we can.

Jasper and Sweep were no doubt, the beginning of our natural journey, bare foot, no rugs, bitless, freedom of movement and making our own hay. Over the years Simple System has always been there when we needed feeding advice for individual horses and also helping us to manage our land with Natural Grazing Mix and Equine Calcified Plus (now Natural Paddock Recovery).

Mrs Lindsey Bootes

Perfect Partners to Natural Grazing Mix

Providing in-depth forage mineral analysis usually within 21 days.


Providing in depth nutrient analysis, including sugar, within 48 hours.


Restores vital minerals, balances pH levels and promotes healthier grass growth.


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