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Natural Paddock Recovery

Restores vital minerals, balances pH levels and promotes healthier grass growth.

  • Restores vital minerals
  • Balances pH levels
  • Promotes healthier grass growth

Suitable For

  • Routine paddock maintenance
  • Improving grazing quality
  • Stressed paddocks

Restores vital minerals, balances pH levels and promotes healthier grass growth.


Application instructions

  • Apply granules directly to the soil, either broadcasting by hand or using a fertiliser spinner.
  • Natural Paddock Recovery is most effective in the spring or autumn, but can be used at any time of year.
  • For best results, rest the paddock for six weeks, or until there has been sufficient rainfall to enable the granules to penetrate the soil.
  • Natural Paddock Recovery is safe for animals, so horses may return to grazing immediately if necessary.
  • Annual application is suitable for most paddocks. Apply twice a year if grazing is particularly acidic or stressed.

Application Rate

  • Apply at a rate of 120kg (6 bags) per acre.
  • A 600kg tote covers approximately 5 acres.


  • Granulated Calcium Lime, Polyhalite.
  • K2O - 5, MgO - 2, SO3 - 16, CaO - 40.


Granulated Calcium Lime, Polyhalite

I’m proud to say that Simple System have been part of our team for over 20 years, in our quest to provide our horses with the most natural life we can.

Jasper and Sweep were no doubt, the beginning of our natural journey, bare foot, no rugs, bitless, freedom of movement and making our own hay. Over the years Simple System has always been there when we needed feeding advice for individual horses and also helping us to manage our land with Natural Grazing Mix and Equine Calcified Plus (now Natural Paddock Recovery).

Mrs Lindsey Bootes

Perfect Partners to Natural Paddock Recovery

Providing in-depth forage mineral analysis usually within 21 days.


Providing in depth nutrient analysis, including sugar, within 48 hours.


Ryegrass free blend of high fibre grass species. A balance of hardy, creeping & drought resistant grasses, for complete sowing & paddock repair. Also suitable for hay cropping.


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