Mrs Lindsey Bootes

I’m proud to say that Simple System have been part of our team for over 20 years, in our quest to provide our horses with the most natural life we can.

Jasper and Sweep were no doubt, the beginning of our natural journey, bare foot, no rugs, bitless, freedom of movement and making our own hay. Over the years Simple System has always been there when we needed feeding advice for individual horses and also helping us to manage our land with Natural Grazing Mix and Equine Calcified Plus (now Natural Paddock Recovery).

We first met Jane van Lennep and Tim Warren when they came to give our Riding Club talks in 2004. We all enjoyed the famous ‘bucket to barrow’ talk in our barn, I think I have seen that talk at least four times over the years and it is just the greatest for a revision session on digestive track anatomy and feeding advice. We have also seen Janes talk on breeding and horse behaviour which are always so interesting and entertaining. 

Our family today can be seen in this photo.

We have Bea on the left my Welsh x TB 19 year old mare and my greatest teacher to date. A very sensitive soul who has taught me so much since she came to us as a just backed 7 year old. We have competed in most disciplines over the years and over lockdown we have enjoyed training virtually with Liesbeth Jorna following the Karen Rohlf ‘Dressage Naturally’ Programme. Bea has a number of food intolerances and therefore the Simple System Blue Bag Grass Pellets provide the ideal food for Bea with the guarantee of no clover. Bea is also fed Instant Linseed and Sainfoin Pellets

Our two ponies, Rosie and Wilma came to us from the Royal Veterinary College where they had been part of a research programme. Rosie is a 13 year old welsh pony and since she has been with us, we have started her under saddle and she is long lined with the hope of driving her in the future. Wilma is a 12 year old Dartmoor pony also from the RVC. Both ponies are full of character and give a lot of pleasure to visiting friends and children that come to ride or play with the ponies on the ground with obstacles in the school (pre Covid). The two ponies are fed on HayCare and MetaSlim with as much exercise as we are able to give them, to keep those condition scores under control. Both ponies are baby sitters to the newest member of the family, shown in the middle of the photo.

Noah is a 3 year old Lusitano, we have started his ground work education in preparation for his future as a ridden horse. Noah is fed Blue Bag Grass Pellets, Sainfoin Pellets and Simple Balance +. Noah also likes his Salt Lick Tub out in the field, especially when the salt gets low and the tub forms a good toy to throw around. 

Last, but not least is Perry our 10 year old warmblood who my sister plans to continue eventing later this year. Perry is such a good doer, we refer to him as our over grown Dartmoor as his antics and behaviour are the same as Wilma’s. If the opportunity arises to venture into the barn or tack room then it just has to be done. He certainly isn’t hungry, just curious!

All of our horses and ponies are turned out to grass and when stabled they also have access to a yard area. We produce our own hay to supplement their needs.

I would like to thank the whole team at Simple System! The company is always growing and developing and throughout they have always been so helpful with advice and deliveries. You are very much appreciated! xx


Breed: Dartmoor

Age: 13

Sex: Mare

Height (hh): 11.2

Weight (kg):


Condition: About Right (BCS 3)

Feeds used

Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.


Cooked full fat linseed, ready to feed. A valuable source of essential Omega 3.


Ryegrass free blend of high fibre grass species. A balance of hardy, creeping & drought resistant grasses, for complete sowing & paddock repair. Also suitable for hay cropping.


Restores vital minerals, balances pH levels and promotes healthier grass growth.


Premium forage alternative to lucerne and grass, rich in natural minerals and trace elements.


A carefully formulated forage balancer containing high quality functional ingredients for promoting optimum health.