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Feeding young horses

Feeding young horses

19 April 2024

Young horses rarely follow the theoretical growth curves. They have growth spurts which can coincide with spring grass coming through, or coincide with nothing in particular! Spring grass is great for supporting growth but when there is not the high quality of grazing available to support them, growing young horses can suddenly look very scrawny. They will need additional feeding, but especially with growing horses, it is important to keep sugar and starch levels low, as these can be associated with developmental issues in bones and joints. Plenty of protein and calcium are really important and forage sources will ensure good levels of quality fibre to support gut health.

Suitable feeds from the Simple System range include Sainfoin Pellets, Red Bag Grass Pellets, Lucie Nuts and for a serious boost, TopGain . All these will help support good condition and steady growth, with the advantage of being forage, so digested in the same way as grazing and with no limit to meal size. If they are stabled at all, the young horse can have the feed when in.  Out kept youngsters can be given a feed outside the field gate, so remaining near their pals but getting the extra they need. A good-sized feed may take 40 or so minutes to eat, so allow enough time! All pelleted feed should be fed soaked in 2.5 times its volume of water. Adding a chop will help slow down a greedy horse, but if this is not an issue, a chop is not essential and will make the most of the time available to stand with them while they eat.

A forage balancer will help to top up on essential nutrition.  For most horses , Simple Balance + will provide this extra support.

Bringing on a young horse can be very rewarding. Keep an eye on their condition by visually condition scoring but this can also be backed up with a Weigh Tape. This has the additional benefit of accustoming them to something going around their girth so when time comes to start work, a surcingle or roller will not be such a shock.

For more detailed suggestions for feeding your growing young horse, please contact our Feed Line or submit an enquiry form.

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