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Environmental Enrichment

21 February 2020

With this wet and windy weather we are experiencing, a lot of horses are confined to their stables. When horses are confined for long periods, they can get bored and restless. A wild or free-roaming horse travels around 25 miles a day and a pastured horse can clock up 8 miles a day. In the stable? Not a lot!

To help make being stabled less tiresome, environmental enrichment involves small changes we can make to take the horse a little nearer to its origins as a free-roaming, herd-living, obligate herbivore.

Instead of hanging the hay in a net at eye level, feed hay from ground level and divide into several portions in different parts of the stable so the horse can move from one to another, mimicking how horses graze.

Stabled horses are not employing their incisors to bite off their food, so compressed forage blocks are ideal. MeadowBrix are 1kg blocks of compressed grass and the horse has to gnaw and chew on them mimicking natural grazing. Feed them whole and dry from the ground and they are great boredom busters. Read more


21 February 2020

GB Total Equestrian Ltd in Reading stock a range of Simple System feeds. Anything they don't have in stock can be ordered in for you. They offer free delivery on orders over 50 with in a 25 mile radius.

GB Total Equestrian Ltd
Field Barn Farm
Beenham Hill

Telephone: 01189 714 556


Look at those beautiful flowers - Spring is on its way! Read more

WIN - 3 bags of TopGain to give away

12 February 2020

To celebrate the re-brand of Top Nosh to TopGain, we are giving away 3 bags of TopGain to 3 lucky winners!

To enter, like the Simple System Facebook page and comment on the competition post answering the question below.

What source of oil is contained in TopGain?
1) Linseed
2) Soya
3) Cod Liver

Competition closes at midnight Wednesday 19th February 2020. Three winners will be picked at random.

Good luck! Read more

Top Nosh is now called TopGain

31 January 2020

We have renamed our conditioning top up feed, TopNosh, to 'TopGain'. The name change reflects the use of TopGain it is a high calorie feed, designed for horses that need to gain weight and condition.

The product, price and ingredients remain the same. TopGain comes in a new bag which is 100% recyclable. Like our entire range, TopGain is 100% natural and cereal-free. Read more

🌟 WIN 🌟 3 bags of Sainfoin Pellets to give away!

15 January 2020

🌟 WIN 🌟 To celebrate this wonderful forage, we are giving away 3 bags of Simple System Sainfoin Pellets to 3 different winners.

What colour are the flowers on Sainfoin?
1) Pink
2) Blue
3) Green

To enter:
1. Like Simple System Horse Feeds Facebook page.
2. Comment on the competition post answering the question.

Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 19th January 2020. Three winners will be picked at random. The winners will be contacted directly, if we have not received a response from the winner in 24 hours the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen. Read more

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