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Spring is on the way! Spruce up your pasture…

18 March 2022

Before the grass starts growing too vigorously, it is a good time to reseed patches in your pasture that have been denuded over winter. A little extra grass seed spread in early spring can make a big difference to your grazing. There is not often any need to plough up and reseed from scratch – it is expensive, time consuming and can take even years to establish a strong turf. Paddocks in need of a spruce up should be grazed down then harrowed to loosen the surface and iron out lumps or bumps. New seed can then be broadcast by hand, or drilled very shallow. Read more

Spring Fever

18 March 2022

The sun is out and spring is showing its colours! Spring Fever is so called due the spring effect on horses, so if your horse has the Fever… hold tight and make sure you have checked your girth! With the grass coming through, your horse may be ready to have a little less feed in the feed bowl and maybe a little help in getting to grips with that Fever.

Lunar Eclipse offers additional support for those horses challenged by their hormones and will help them get a calmer perspective on life. You know your horse best – this may be a case of just a bit extra help until things settle down in the summer, or it can be used all the time. It takes up to a week fully to have effect. If your horse is behaving very out of character, you may be safer to lunge instead of ride… Don’t take unnecessary risks! Read more

Microbes in your horse’s gut

25 February 2022

These are the vital part in the breakdown of forage into nutrition in the horse. There are trillions of them! And the greater the variety, the better. Forages support good gut microbes but preservatives, antibiotics, starchy, highly processed and sugary foods can all reduce the variety and increase the “bad” microbes. Pasture often contains a wide range of plants as well as grass and is after all what horses evolved to eat. Replacing this with hay when grazing is not available is good but often hay or haylage is only one or a very few different types of grass and possibly varieties bred for volume not quality. What goes in the feed bowl can make a huge difference to the microbes. Not only are they vital for turning fibre from forage into nutrition, but they also make the horse’s B group vitamins, vitamin K and contribute up to 80% of immunity. Read more


25 February 2022

… is a confusing month for the horses as well as us! The days are getting much longer – there’s a quarter of an hour of extra light night and morning every week. Great! Spring is on the way! Yet it’s still winter. The grass is not really growing, we still get frosts and no one could honestly say it’s warm yet!

The horses are as conflicted as we are. Mares have been in season and some horses have started to shed their winter coats. Horses that live in at night with the lights going on for a late check may trigger an even greater perception of longer days – it is day length that is the major force for events in the horses’ calendar. Read more

Join our Team – Marketing Maternity Cover

04 February 2022

We are looking for a creative and skilled marketing whizz to join our team in early April on a 12-month maternity cover basis. Ideally, we are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about horses, with a keen interest in forage feeding, to lead the way in promoting the benefits of our feeding system.

The role will involve managing company communications across print, digital and occasionally in-person, so good copywriting and technical skills are essential. Ideally, you will have experience using MailChimp, Hootsuite and Adobe Creative as well as Google Ads & Analytics. Full training and support will be given to the right candidate.

We are a small, close-knit team looking for someone friendly to join us. This is a full-time role for 12-months based at our Head Office outside of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Note that whilst we would prefer this to be a full-time role, we are a flexible company and so are happy to hear from potential part-time applicants. Read more

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