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Delivery delays due to snow

08 February 2021

Due to the heavy snow we are currently experiencing in the East of England there may be some delay with feed deliveries. We apologise for any inconvenience and will deliver your feed as soon as possible.

Please bear with us as your delivery may be delayed by a couple of days. If you have any queries about your order please contact us on 01371 870 753 or Read more

Why your horse should always be fed from ground level

04 February 2021

Horses evolved as grazers for 30 million years and their back, teeth, neck and lungs are all adapted to them eating with their head down. Feeding your horse from the ground carries many benefits.

- Back
Constant, repetitive tugging at a haynet can cause physical issues. By having his head low to the floor, the horse stretches over his back and keeps his spine aligned. As the horse adopts a more natural head and neck position, there is less strain on the muscles and skeletal system. This is more comfortable and less likely to cause back issues later in life Read more

This week on the Feed Line...

22 January 2021

This week on the Feed Line we have had some concerned owners whose horses have dropped weight. This can be normal in the winter and to be welcomed if previously they were, shall we say, chubby! But it can go beyond what is acceptable and we need to take action. If itís just a case of needing a bit more bulk in the diet, consider generous amounts of soaked PuraBeet and/or Lucie Fibre Cubes. But sometimes, the situation is a bit worse, and you look at your horse and wish you could put them on good spring grass but of course there isnít any. Bring on the Red Bag Grass Pellets! Read more

COVID-19 update

05 January 2021

Following the government announcement regarding the new national lockdown, we would like to reassure you that here at Simple System we remain open, fully stocked and delivering feed as normal.

Our Feed Line continues to operate as normal and our nutritionists can be contacted for feeding advice on 01728 604 008 or during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm).

Our delivery service continues as normal and our Simple System drivers are able to leave your feed in a safe place, removing the need for direct contact. Our drivers are equipped with face masks and hand sanitiser. We are also testing our drivers and warehouse staff for coronavirus every week. Read more

Where has all the hay gone?

11 December 2020

I donít need to tell you that hay is scarce this year. Farmers who usually get two cuts were often only able to get one, and that was sometimes a bit on the thin side. With the grass drying up in the summer for many of us, an early start was made on this seasons hay. We rely on hay (or haylage) to replace grazing for our horses through the winter. But there are alternatives and of course Simple System can help out! One you may not have considered is LucieFibre Cubes. These are lower calorie, higher fibre lucerne and can be a useful partial hay replacer and may even work out more economical than some types of haylage. When doing your costings, bear in mind that haylage is usually around 60 Ė 65% dry matter, the rest being water. LucieFibre Cubes are 90% dry matter, so you are not having to buy water! You just add plenty of it before feeding to rehydrate the cubes ready to feed, adding at the same time a lot of bulk to help slow down eating rate. Read more

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