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25 years of Simple System

08 March 2021

EXCITING NEWS... this year is our 25th Birthday!
Founded in 1996, Simple System stands by its principle of Simple Equine Nutrition – Responsible Equine Management. We aim to help you work with your horse’s unique digestive system.
25 years on and we have helped thousands of horse-owners find the very best feeds for their horse. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and loyalty - we wouldn't be here without you.
Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for lots of special birthday content and exciting competitions as we mark the occasion and celebrate 25 years of Simple System Horse Feeds. Read more

Returning to competition

05 March 2021

Has your horse's workload increased to prepare for a return to competition? Your horse may need additional nutritional support, especially at a time when we are still waiting for the spring grass to arrive and the cooler temperatures mean no grass growth. Red Bag Grass Pellets are ideal to add to your horse's diet, even in small quantities. These high protein grass pellets provide all the benefits of spring grass, in a bag! Read more

This week on the Feed Line...

26 February 2021

What a changeable month February has been! With the temperatures creeping up – though it doesn’t always feel like it – the grass is beginning to grow. Once the soil is above 6 deg. C. the grass will start to get going. If your horses are enjoying some turn out, you may not notice this growth, as the horses will be nipping off all those tasty, tender shoots as soon as they pop above the parapet. The horse’s gut will notice! You may see that the droppings are a bit softer and greener than usual and this could be a sign that susceptible horses are at greater risk of laminitis. Read more

Delivery delays due to snow

08 February 2021

Due to the heavy snow we are currently experiencing in the East of England there may be some delay with feed deliveries. We apologise for any inconvenience and will deliver your feed as soon as possible.

Please bear with us as your delivery may be delayed by a couple of days. If you have any queries about your order please contact us on 01371 870 753 or Read more

Why your horse should always be fed from ground level

04 February 2021

Horses evolved as grazers for 30 million years and their back, teeth, neck and lungs are all adapted to them eating with their head down. Feeding your horse from the ground carries many benefits.

- Back
Constant, repetitive tugging at a haynet can cause physical issues. By having his head low to the floor, the horse stretches over his back and keeps his spine aligned. As the horse adopts a more natural head and neck position, there is less strain on the muscles and skeletal system. This is more comfortable and less likely to cause back issues later in life Read more

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