News Archive - October 2011

TopNosh - Horse Feed of the Month for October 2011

Posted by Oli Harris on 05 October 2011

Now we are well into autumn, the horses are growing their winter coats and the grass is not growing so well nor offering so much nutrition and weight loss can be a problem. Trouble is, it sneaks up on us and the thickening coat can hide those ribs trying to poke through. The answer? Top up on TopNosh! This fab feed only needs feeding in small amounts but will make a big difference. For some horses, that do well and enjoy their outdoor lifestyle, it may be the only additional feed they need alongside their grazing and hay. The amount to feed is 0.1% of their body weight, so for every 100kg they weigh, use 100g of TopNosh. A 300kg pony will need 300g per day, and 600kg Warmblood, 600g. Read more

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