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LucieMints - Treat Your Horse this Christmas!

Posted by Oli Harris on 02 December 2011

Itís Christmas and time to think seriously about presents! And your horse or pony wonít want to be forgotten, but rather than filling him up on sugary stuff that does him no good, we have the perfect treat for him: Lucie®Mints! These scrummy nuts are made only from pure herbal ingredients and no fillers or binders. Herbal peppermint is combined with the best English lucerne to make healthy but totally appetising snack or treat. You can use Lucie®Mints as a reward for being caught or coming in or just because you love your horse! Lucie®Mints are brilliant for clicker training and other systems of training where you want a tasty treat for positive reinforcement. Put a few Lucie®Mints in a feeding ball with your usual Blue Bag Grass Pellets or Lucie®Pellets for an extra yummy hit every now and then.

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