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Instant Linseed - Horse Feed of the Month

Posted by Oli Harris on 27 July 2011
Instant Linseed

August is a funny old month because although it is still summer, the nights are noticeably drawing in and this lets our horses know that autumn and winter are on the way. Result? They are already starting to think about changing their coats! This is fine for most of us – we welcome nature’s way of keeping our horses cosy in the cold weather. The coat change can be helped by increasing the amount of linseed we give our horses and Simple System Ltd Instant Linseed is a great way to do this. This time of year is Blackberry time when no horse, allegedly, looks well, but that little bit of extra Instant Linseed will ensure your horse sails through late summer and autumn looking good throughout.TEST Read more

EnduroComplete - Summer Special

Posted by Oli Harris on 01 July 2011
EnduroComplete Offer

Most of us love to mix up our horses’ feeds – some of this, some soaked that, add a little whatever! But there are lots of times when we just want to get the feeding done and dusted! For a complete, no hassle feed, EnduroComplete ticks all the boxes. It comes as small pellets which can be fed dry, dampened or soaked (it only takes a few minutes) and includes Total Eclipse so it really is complete! It is ideal for:

·         A straightforward feed for Pony Club camp;

·         A complete feed if you are away at shows, competitions or even on holiday with your horse;

When you are away and someone else is feeding the horse for you -  nothing could be easier. Read more

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