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Save money with Simple System Horse Feeds

Posted by Oli Harris on 19 September 2011
Purabeet Offer

If you add a chop to your feed to give extra bulk, you could save a lot of money by changing to soaked PuraBeet!  We looked up a well known brands of high fibre chop with a Stubbs scoop of 300g. Where others cost £11 for 20kg, it means that a scoop of this feed costs 16.5p.  A scoop of soaked PuraBeet costs a lot less only 11p.  So the chopped feed costs 50% more than soaked PuraBeet.  Which one would you choose? Read more

LucieNuts - Horse Feed of the Month September 2011

Posted by Oli Harris on 01 September 2011

LucieNuts are our all-time product of the year, decade or whatever! They are the nearest thing to a perfect feed for horses, we feel! They are made from 100% pure lucerne, made for us by farmers we know and trust. The lucerne is cut when it is mature enough to be coming in to flower and has plenty of good-but-not-too-tough fibre and not too rich in nutrients. It starts to dry in the field, which enables Vitamin D2 to be made. (In case you did not know, plants make D2. D3, which is what is added to many feeds but not ours, is made by animals and extracted from animal remains.) It is then flash dried, but as it is already partly dry, not nearly as much fuel is burned to get it perfectly dry. Saving the planet, too! For LucieNuts, which are 10 12 mm across, it is coarsely ground, more like a fine chop, before being made into nuts. Read more

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