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Total Eclipse - Horse Feed of the Month June 2012

Posted by Oli Harris on 08 June 2012
Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse has been popular with our customers for many years and with good reason. With a welcome , but probably temporary, return to more seasonal weather this month, we can look forward to long days, long rides and plenty of activity on the horse front. A balancer is a good idea to ensure your horse has all he needs and Total Eclipse is the only one specifically designed for horses on forage diets and for those for whom you wish to avoid all cereals, by products, molasses, soya and animal remains. With the highest levels of omega 3 from full fat linseed, it has a natural anti-inflammatory effect which is very helpful for all horses as the work load increases or the effects of hard ground are felt. Seaweed provides a natural source of minerals, trace elements and a top up of electrolytes needed in hard work. Yeast products help the balance of microbes in the gut and may address issues of anxiety. So all in all, Total Eclipse really does tick the boxes!

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