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Hay Replacers - Products of the Month, August 2012

Posted by Oli Harris on 31 July 2012
Hay Replacers

With the weather set to remain unsettled, horse keeping will remain challenging! Although some haylage has been made, it is likely to be very nutritious as it is made from younger grass at the end of May and into June. Ideally, safe forage for horses is made in July and August when fibre levels are higher in the more mature grasses. So, many of us are looking for hay replacers, even though there is plenty of grass about!

Soaked PuraBeet is an economical and useful bulk feed especially for horses in work, as it comes with a lot of water to help with hydration. You can safely feed a lot more than you thought – an average 500 kg horse can have up to 2.5 kg of PuraBeet which will soak up to fill nearly two large buckets. It soaks faster in warm weather, so you may find it is ready to feed after only 2 or 3 hours. Always use it up within 24 hours of putting it on to soak.

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Red Bag Grass Pellets - Horse Feed of the Month

Posted by Oli Harris on 11 July 2012

In between the downpours, the competition season is in full swing and our horses are working just that little bit harder now. When we need extra energy at certain times, but not too much exuberance at others, “target feeding” with Red Bag Grass Pellets fits the bill well. With more energy than oats, but fuelling stamina rather than making them too hot headed, they are just the job to use on those days the horse is doing a bit more work. Their energy kicks in quite quickly, within a couple of hours, so keep topping up when you are out competing and your horse will not fade on you! Read more

Potential disruptions to deliveries during the Olympics

Posted by Oli Harris on 03 July 2012

With the Olympic games now just over three weeks away, we have been assessing the impact  of the promised congestion on the M25, M3 and M4 in particular.  This will affect the delivery times for our van deliveries to Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Central London and the area around Waltham Abbey.  Different areas will be affected on different days.
Please allow extra days between ordering and delivery by ordering at least a week before you run out.  Please also understand that this congestion will affect our ability to predict what day and time we will deliver.  To ensure you can get your delivery please make sure we have a delivery point with free access.
Alternatively, please order enough feed by the 20th of July to last you through to the 20th of August. Read more

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