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Christmas Opening Times 2015

Posted by Oli Harris on 18 November 2015

We will be closing at 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December 2015 and will re-open at 9am on Monday 4th January 2016.
If you order direct by phone or through our website, please place an order by 5pm on Wednesday 16th December 2015 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.
If you order from your local distributor or retailer, best check with them directly for their last order dates.
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Introducing HayCare

Posted by Oli Harris on 18 November 2015
HayCare - quick soaking hay replacer

Introducing our latest product, HayCare. Quick-soaking 10-12 mm pellets of finely chopped Timothy for use as hay replacer.

  • Perfect for dentally challenged horses.
  • Also ideal post-surgery, dental work, etc.
  • Dust free. Suitable for sensitive horses when travelling or stabled.
  • Easy to eat for horses with reduced appetite or ability to eat.
  • 100% pure with no additives, straw, molasses, cereals/by products, and is GM free.

Using HayCare:

  • Use the same dry weight as you would normally of hay; as a general guide, a good slice of hay from a standard small bale is around 2kg; this is approx. 1.5 level Stubbs scoops of HayCare.
  • Use a large tub; dividing the HayCare between two or more tubs in different places enables the horse to develop a grazing pattern.
  • Add 2.5 times its volume of water and allow enough time for the water to be absorbed; for instance, 2 rounded scoops (approx. 3 kg) will absorb a standard 15litre/3 gallon bucket of water. Add 3 times the water if a wet mash is required.
  • Soak as required and use within 12 hours.
  • At first your horse may be very hungry, (especially if they have not had food they can easily eat) and eat continuously but with time and as they become accustomed to the new food, they should eat more slowly and take breaks, as they would with hay.
  • Feed as required. Try to avoid gaps of 2 hours with the horse not eating and certainly no longer than 4 hours.
  • This replaces hay – offer your usual complementary feeds as well.
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2015 Summary

Posted by Emma Jackman on 12 November 2015

So my 9th BE season is complete and it has to be my most successful season ever. I had 3 rides over the course of the season, although they hardly overlapped! My season started with a bang on Lily the mega mare, who has had some unbelievable results this year! Including the two JAS competitions she started the year with and discounting the elimination at Hambleden, her results are as follows: 2,1,2,1,5,6,5,1 which really isn't bad going. Unfortunately half way through the season she picked up an injury and has been off since then. What is even more exciting is that despite missing half the season, she has managed to win the Novice rankings of the 2015 South East Eventers League and I am so excited to go to the ball on the 21st November!

As May started to come around the excitement was building to get Coco back out for his first event since he picked up an injury in early May last year. A winters rehab on the roads was hopefully about to pay off but it was also rather nerve wracking as didn't want to get my hopes up in case something went wrong before then. My best case scenario was to get him to Barbury CIC2* in July and we actually managed it!! He jumped double clear at Rockingham ON before heading to Nunney intermediate where he had a couple of (jockey error!) rails in the show jumping but ate up the cross country which was a tough track. We were actually going to get to Barbury and I couldn't wait. I just enjoyed every minute and although I ran very slowly cross country I was delighted with him. He then didn't run at Bicton or Wellington despite driving there, but it was very wet and muddy and wasn't worth the risk. Eventually we managed a run at Pontispool where he did a fab dressage for 30 and a super double clear before finishing the season with an awesome run at Aldon - so just as we got going it was the end of the season. However I have got my sights set on stepping up to Advanced and possibly having a crack at CIC3* next year (eeeek!) Read more

Dressage Divas and Hedge Hopping

Posted by Emma Jackman on 08 November 2015

Well I have to say the dressage divas have been out in force this month! Morgan and Smurf qualified for the BD National Winter Championships through the Area Festival class at Elementary, Ehren qualified for the Winter Regionals at Elementary Open, Andrea and Blue qualified for the unaffiliated Hickstead Championships with a 70% club win, ‘bad boy’ Okie and Heather won the unaffiliated Speedgate Novice Championships, and Lily picked up a red and a blue frillie at Hadlow BD in her prelims! Oh yeh!!!! Also I was delighted to hear that I horse I helped get going ‘Dita’ also qualified for the Winter Championships at Prelim with her mum Terri. Even though I no longer help these two it is great to see a horse you started go on to do really well.

I am particularly pleased with Ehren who really went well at Stilebridge BD winning both tests overall with no blips to pick up two whopping scores of 74.48% and 76.25%. Fingers crossed she is getting her confidence back in the arena. Lots more practise at new venues to do but lovely to show the world what she is really capable of.

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An exciting time to be an autistic horse whisperer!

Posted by Emma Jackman on 04 November 2015

Hi everybody, Spirit and I are slipping and sliding in the lovely muddy wet weather and we both appear to be enjoying ourselves regardless!

Recently I went to Monty Roberts demonstration at Hartpury College in Gloucester which was great fun despite an accident in which one of his helpers got run over by a horse and had to be rescued by the ambulance people.

Luckily she escaped with minor injuries and a few broken ribs. Considering that they work with some of the most dangerous horses on the planet I would say that one accident in more than 20 years of world tours is an incredible safety record.

Monty was also kind enough to record a video for me in which he praised my book and described it as incredible! It's amazing when a man you've looked up to you ever since you got interested in Horsemanship describes the book you wrote as incredible and I must say to this day I still get quite emotional thinking about his praise of me...

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