Sainfoin on Countryfile

04 August 2023

Did you watch Countryfile this week? It was great to see sainfoin feature, alongside the benefits of feeding a forage diet to horses (and polo ponies!). You can watch the "Hay Time" episode of Countryfile on BBC iPlayer. Look out for sainfoin - it is easily identified by its distinctive pink flowers. We have worked hard with our growers to make this beneficial forage available for horses.

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Featured Products

Sainfoin compressed into 1kg blocks, rich in natural minerals & trace elements. Feed whole & dry to mimic grazing.


A premium forage alternative to lucerne & grass. High in fibre, low in calories and rich in natural minerals & trace elements.


Premium forage alternative to lucerne and grass, rich in natural minerals and trace elements.


Featured News

Frost and the increased risk of laminitis

Many of us have seen hard frosts this morning and snow may even be on the cards for some parts of the country later this week. This has the potential to increase the risk of laminitis.

Managing changes in routine during winter

In winter it can be hard to strike a balance between horse ownership and day-to-day life; less daylight means many horses spend an increasing amount of time indoors and may also have less interaction with their owners who are dashing back home to thaw out

Feeding the poor doer in winter

Winter can be a challenging time for our poor doers; grass quality declines offering much less nutritional value than in the warmer seasons and the cold weather makes use of energy stores for generating heat and staying warm.