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Janine Lamy

Dressage, Eventing & Equestrian Training

Janine is a freelance coach specialising in the training of grassroots competitors in all disciplines. Janine and husband Martin are not professional riders, in fact Martin has a full-time job alongside being Area 11 Rep for the Pony Club. They have four horses at home to produce, a young horse at stud, and two older horses out on loan. Janine and Martin love working with young horses and encouraging riders to work towards their affiliated debut and beyond.

Janine & Martin's aims for 2018:

EHREN – Build on our experience at Prix St-Georges with the aim of trying to qualify for the Area Festival Championships 2019, and work towards making our debut at Inter I.

LILY – Build on her confidence, get her enjoying her jumping again and re-establish her at BE90.

LITTLE LEXI – Fingers crossed following vet checks she can spend a large part of the year enjoying some field rest while recuperating from her injury.

MILLIE – Consolidate on her experience through BE90 and work towards BE100 at the end of the season.

RODNEY – Bring him home from stud, get him backed and riding away. A couple of quiet local outings at the end of the summer, then turned away again for the winter.


"I have absolutely no doubt that feeding Simple System has been a major contributing factor in getting Ehren up and running after two years in and out of work with gastric problems. She looks fabulous and is a much happier horse. Lily always looked embarrassingly awful in the winter; a poor coat and whatever feed I tried she carried no weight. She now looks a picture. I am amazed but they (the Feed Line) were right!"


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