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Heald Town Highland Pony Stud

Stud & Showing

Heald Town is a Highland Pony Stud and one of Englandís most known studs having been successful in the show ring over recent years. Heald Town strive to breed high quality ponies suitable for the show ring and with temperaments to be all round family ponies.

Heald Town Ponies are located within Cheshire's picturesque Peak National Park which provides a natural landscape ideal for the breed with it's steep hills and natural, rough grazing.

Heald Town had a great season in 2017 with numerous championships being won and high placings in HOYS qualifiers classes. They have had two ponies out flying the flag this season, Heald Town Bonny and broodmare turn show star, Lagalgarve Loch Lussa.

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"We believe very strongly in feeding as close to nature as possible and Simple System gives us that.

We are very keen to promote natural feeding of our native Highlands as they are not built to cope with rich higher sugar diets that you see in many hard feeds. We started to use Simple System around three years ago, originally the Lucie Nuts for one of our old ladies that was prone to colic. We fed as a soaked feed with great results and then introduced Simple System across the herd. Our show ponies generally live indoors so have hard feed year round, they are fed Top Nosh pellets and Timothy Chop for bulk.

We also supplement with Simple System Pure Ocean Seaweed which is great for maintaining a shiny coat and helps keeps their manes and tails in top condition, a long flowing mane is highly desirable in the Highland world. We also feed our stallions Top Nosh in breeding season to keep condition whilst they are serving their mares.

Our non showing ponies live out naturally year round and are fed adlib hay in the winter and Salt Lick Tubs year round to keep the mineral balance. They are only fed hard feeds if they need to spend time indoors. At weaning time we find Simple System ideal for the foals, they are fed soaked Lucie Nuts and Timothy Chop which is gentle on their tummies, it is a great way to introduce them to hard feed. We also love your Brix, they are great as a boredom buster for the youngsters"



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Heald Town Highland Pony Stud Stats

Location: Peak District National Park, Cheshire
Number of Horses: 27
Using the system: 6 years

Heald Town Highland Pony Stud's Horses

Ghamjon Ernie
Heald Town Bonny
Balmoral MacDougall
Lagalgarve Loch Lussa